Improving an existing ASP.NET application – A Brownfield Development Series

by Adrian on October 9, 2009

Here are a series of nine interesting MSDN articles by James Kovacs, a Microsoft MVP and well respected member of the .NET community. The articles describe how to improve an existing ASP.NET application, and cover such topics as good development practices, testing, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, refactoring, jQuery, seperation of concerns, dependency injection and inversion of control. I’ve linked to them all below…

  1. Getting Your House in Order
  2. Testing
  3. XHTML and CSS Improvements
  4. JavaScript Improvements
  5. Web Site Improvements Using jQuery and jQuery UI
  6. Separation of Concerns
  7. Death of a Singleton
  8. Disentangling our Tangled Web
  9. Mr. Escher, Your Software is Ready

If you get time these are definitely worth reading as they give you a great insight into a lot of the latest software development techniques.

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