I recently discovered this new podcast. It was originally started by Rob Conery (TekPub), who was quickly joined by Scott Hanselman. It’s billed as a geek equivalent to the This American Life. Rather than focus on code, it deals with experiences that are common to most developers, such as getting fired (hopefully not too common!), audacity, motivation, management, competition, obsession etc. One of the more interesting episodes is called Revolt and explores how inventive Egyptian developers used technology to help in the recent revolution.


More Podcasts…

by Adrian

Someone recently asked me about the podcasts that I listen to, and I realised that’s it’s been a while since I blogged about them. Since my last post on the subject, I’ve found some new and interesting shows…

1. Stack Overflow Podcast. A podcast that accompanies the well known Q&A website for developers, of the same name. It’s hosted by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Attwood, both well known and well respected figures in the development community. The podcast often discusses the evolution of Stack Overflow, and it’s related sites since they lauched a while back. As well as this, the pair regularly discuss issues of wider interest to all those involved in producing software. They are also both long standing bloggers,  Joel blogs at Joel on Software and Jeff at Coding Horror.

2. The Official jQuery Podcast. A relatively new podcast, that only started in mid-November 2009. Each week the c0-hosts, Ralph Whitbeck and Elijah Manor interview members of the jQuery community, as well as reviewing all the latest news. It’s a great place to stay up to date with what is an increasingly important web technology. As the ‘official’ jQuery podcast the show often gets access to the most influential people in the jQuery world, such as its creator, John Resig.

I really enjoyed the following shows…

3. 37signals Podcast. A relatively new podcast, first broadcast on 28th October 2009 from 37signals, the well known web-based software company. 37signals are responsible for the Ruby on Rails framework (developed by David Heinemeier Hansson), as well as products such as Basecamp, Backpack and Campfire. They have a very distinctive take on how to develop software, prefering a very simple, customer-focused and agile approach. This always makes for an interesting listen.

I really enjoyed the following shows…

As always you can subscribe to these podcasts from their respective web sites, via iTunes or Feedburner.

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